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About Stacy Sims

Stacy Sims is a mind-body educator, social practice artist, and author. She is the founder of The Well, which includes City Silence, an international network of community mindfulness gatherings, Mindful Music Moments, an innovative school program combining mindfulness and music, and the True Body Project, an award-winning trauma-informed wellness program to help girls and women, men and boys connect to their best selves and each other.

Sims is also a novelist, playwright, and children's books author. She has produced multiple site-specific performance works as part of her social practice of gathering stories out of community engagement. 

She is an inspiring speaker and leads workshops on trauma and the body, mindfulness and stress reduction. She consults/produces wellness content informed by deep engagement with partners and clients. Sims shares what she has learned from her own experience with addiction and anxiety to a life dedicated to deeply connecting with others.


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